Minimise admin. Maximise growth.

Pay and Bill software that helps recruitment agencies speed up their back-office operations by up to 80%

✅ automate timesheets collection
✅ generate invoices with a click of a button
✅ effortlessly take care of compliance
✅ gain business insights with state-of-the-art reporting

Why should I choose My Digital Timesheets?


Portal for contractors, clients and agencies. Universal hub for all stakeholders. Seamless information flow for timesheets, expenses and compliance.

CRM and accounts system integration

If you love your CRM or accounting system like Xero, you will be glad to know you can easily exchange data between MDT and your existing systems. 

Powerful analytics

Reporting and analytics suite powered by AWS Quicksight. Spot the trends and business insights effortlessly. 

Chase missing information with a click of a button

Contractors keep forgetting to submit the paperwork on time? MDT will help you take care of it.

White label option available

Your beautiful brand at the front, our robust software at the back.

Flexible, volume-based, pay as you go model

Having a slow month? Don't worry your bill will be lower.

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